Another Broken Egg Cafe Opens Today


I’ve always been the type to cringe at breakfast restaurants. They make me think of early mornings (no thank you), gray haired folks, screaming babies and really poor quality eggs and bacon. But lately Dayton has been expanding their breakfast eateries to include a few I actually enjoy frequenting on the weekends. The latest addition, […]

Dewey’s Pizza: New location opens today

photo 1-2

I still remember when Dewey’s Pizza opened on Brown Street in Dayton and everyone was talking about these “weird toppings” and delicious salads and it all tasted “so good”. And so I became a regular. And while the “weirdness” has definitely faded and other pizza places have joined the Dayton scene, there’s just something about […]

Got food sensitivities? Check out The Hawthorn Grill

Publisher’s Note: I’ve been a tad MIA on the blog, but don’t worry. I’m still busy eating away.  In the meantime, I’d love to share another guest blog with you. Jo Dyck emailed me recently telling me about this ADORABLE cooking school she has in Oakwood and I HAD to know where she loves to […]

A First Timer’s Experience at Thai 9


It typically goes down like this. “Jen, what’s your favorite place to eat in Dayton?” I hem haw around and say, “Well, the typical answer from Daytonians is Thai 9. So I won’t say that. Right now, my current restaurant obsession is…” And then we go from there. So when I find out that someone […]

My first Speedway Hot Dog

man eating hotdog

Publisher Note: I love Twitter. I meet some awesome people from Dayton on there AND fellow foodies. A few months ago, I was in the midst of a Twitter convo between friends and Salar, when the topic of Speedway hot dogs came up. I told @South17Dayton if he loved hot dogs so much, he could […]


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