A First Timer’s Experience at Thai 9


It typically goes down like this. “Jen, what’s your favorite place to eat in Dayton?” I hem haw around and say, “Well, the typical answer from Daytonians is Thai 9. So I won’t say that. Right now, my current restaurant obsession is…” And then we go from there. So when I find out that someone […]

My first Speedway Hot Dog

man eating hotdog

Publisher Note: I love Twitter. I meet some awesome people from Dayton on there AND fellow foodies. A few months ago, I was in the midst of a Twitter convo between friends and Salar, when the topic of Speedway hot dogs came up. I told @South17Dayton if he loved hot dogs so much, he could […]

Oregon Express: Loving their Reuben pizza


And now I’m going to tell you about Oregon Express and their Reuben Pizza and how you probably need to try it. Last night a group of friends went with me to the newest Dayton Art Institute exhibit (which you should probably go check out) and afterward went over to Oregon Express. Mostly because I […]

Siam Pad Thai: Teaching me to stop judging


As an English major in college, I knew to never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this line of thinking did not carry over into restaurants until recently. I so often judge a restaurant by its outward appearance. I don’t think I ever went into a place that seemed pretty shady unless I had […]

Press Versus Ghostlight Coffee


If you live in Dayton and drink coffee, you probably have chosen a side: Press or Ghostlight. Both coffee shops opened in Dayton in 2011 and are only .6 miles apart from each other.  While the hype has calmed down, it’s still inevitable that someone will ask me, “So which do you like more? Press? […]


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