Beans N Cream: Worth exploring in Cedarville


I think we’re all guilty of it. We go back to the familiar and forget to take a chance on something new. For me, I do this with coffee shops. A lot. Why not just go to the Starbucks down the road where the black coffee tastes miserable but at least I know which seat offers […]

View 162: The power of a good server

Inside View 162 at the top of the Crowne Plaza.

Picture this. I’m enjoying a dry martini with a friend at the rooftop hotel bar of View 162 in the Crowne Plaza when I get a craving. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m thinking about chocolate cake. I didn’t care if the cake had chocolate mouse or chocolate fudge or chocolate ganache. I just suddenly thought, […]

Spaghetti Warehouse: Go for nostalgia’s sake


I have always been a city girl. The concept of “downtown” has always been exciting and thrilling. Big buildings and lights and people awake at all hours – I can’t get enough of it. In fact, I distinctly remember being a little girl and loving it when my parents would say, “We’re gonna go downtown […]

I ate McDonald’s and I liked it

McDonald's, you had us at "Bacon".

I don’t eat fast food often. Or ever, really. But a few blog posts ago I discovered something… The most underrated McDonald’s menu item: the chocolate chip cookie. Observe. That blog post caught McDonald’s attention and they recently invited me to taste test their newest menu item, the Bacon Clubhouse. This tasty new burger (which you can […]

Tea for Twelve at Unique Celebrations

Just some of the many hats for ladies to choose from.

Driving down 725 in Downtown Centerville, it’s easy to miss an adorable little tea shop called Unique Celebrations. Recently, my friend had her daughter, Violet, celebrate her birthday party with friends and family here. Walking in, you’re immediately welcomed by its charming staff. You place your coat on the coat rack and then are told […]


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